Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Selamat Datang or Wellcome to this blog. I would like to express my gratitiude and regards to visitors from throughout Malaysia, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Bandar Seri Begawan in Berunai, Jakarta in Indonesia, Russia, USA and France. Thank you for dropping by. I sincerely hope you are proficient in Bahasa Melayu or at least understand its basic. I will write in English if there is a need to do so.

My research focus on the arrival and spread of the Islamic religion in the Malay Archipelago by the Siamese Muslims Kings of Nagara Kedah. Historically, the Siamese are said to be Buddhist and descendent of the Thai today. If that is so, we wonder why are there are Malays in Kedah who speak Siamese (not Thai) but practised the Islamic religion.

In Malaysia, Malays are supposed to be Muslims. Most readers are surprised to find out that the Siamese language and the Thai language are entirely different. Simply said, Siamese language is for the Siamese people and Thai language is for the Thai people which leads us to Siamese being Muslims and Thai as Thevarada Buddhist. If the Thai reside in Thailand today, where on earth is the Siamese? Well, they are actually the Malays of Kedah in Malaysia.

The other factor concerning my research is the return of the Malay manuscript “The Laws of Kedah” by the British Government in 2004. In the manuscript originally written in the year 812 it clearly stated that Malays are Siamese and they practiced the Siamese culture.

In this blog I layout some of the evidence through extensive researched over the past 3 years especially regarding The Emperor of China from the Tang Dynasty who embraced Islam in the year 650 through Saad ibn Waqqas. He in turn sent his grandson Merong Maha Wangsa to Kedah to spread the Islamic religion throughout the Malay Archipelago as stated in the Malay Manuscript ‘Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa’.

King Merong Mahawangsa established a Muslim kingdom in Kedah and his generation of Kings then moved to Ayuthia (Ayutthaya) about 50km north of Bangkok in Thailand today as directed by the Yuan Dynasty Emperor dividing the Buddhist and the Muslims Kingdoms. In the year 1767 when Alaungphaya of Sukhothai invaded Muslims Ayutthaya, the first thing they did was to burn all manuscript regarding the Siamese (including the Hikayat) and today their descendent with the help of the British colonist, the Chakri king ruled Thailand as the Thai king but not as the Siamese King. The Siamese King descendent, Tuanku Nai Long Kasim now resides in Malaysia.

Claims saying Siam have never been colonized is baseless because the Buddhist Tais Kings are the colonizer of Muslim Siam starting with the 1st King Rama I of the Chakri dynasty. Since they are descendent of Sukhotai, the country of Siam was later changed to Thailand. They introduced various policies such as 'Phibul Songgram' and 'Rathinayok', promotin tai as the main language, thus abolishing the Siamese language in Siam alltogether. Meanwhile in Kedah the Siamese of the northern states of Malaysia are not effected by these policies, and they continue to used the Siamese language till today. Hence, the difference between Siam and tai language.

A) Check the list of Nagara Kedah Kings before moving to Ayutthaya here,


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All the articles written here do not have any linkages with any political parties in Malaysia or any where else. I hope by revealling the truth, these historical tangle regarding who the siamese really can be concluded. At the same time the history of the Malays in Malaysia and the spread of the Islamic religion in the Malay Arcipellago which we strongly believed started in Kedah.

Thank You.